Welcome to Pittsburgh Genome Resource Repository

The Pittsburgh Genome Resource Repository (PGRR) provides data management and computing infrastructure to support use of national genome data resources for personalized medicine research. PGRR provides a mechanism for University of Pittsburgh investigators to access and use these datasets from a virtualized central location using common tools and platforms. 

Datasets in PGRR may have specific and unique access requirements, which may impact your ability to access the dataset. Current datasets, contact information and limitations for access are shown below


Dataset Data Page Project Lead Limitations
TCGA TCGA Data Michael Becich

Investigators accessing the TCGA data through PGRR must be listed on dbGAP Data User Certificate (#3938). The dbGAP DUC is updated quarterly January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Staff and students of investigators currently listed on the dbGAP DUC are not required to be separately listed.

For access to datasets and requests or to view the current dbGAP DUC, please login to PGRR using your Pitt credentials.

What PGRR is:
- A common information technology framework for accessing deidentified national big data datasets that are important for Personalized Medicine
- A portal that allows you to use this data easily with tools and resources provided by the Simulation and Modeling Center (SaM), Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), and UPMC Enterprise Analytics (EA)
- A managed environment to help you meet the information security and regulatory requirements for using this data
- A process for helping you stay current about updates and modifications made to these datasets
What PGRR is not:
- A place to store your individual research results
- A system to access UPMC clinical data
- A service for analyzing data on your behalf
How does PGRR Work? Learn more here.